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Policy Positions

From time to time, the NERC Board of Directors adopts a policy position to guide the organization and to inform the recycling community. Over its lengthy history, this has happened relatively few times. As such, the policies that have been adopted represent not only the position of the organization, but highlight a topic of particular sensitivity and concern.

Reuse, Repair, and Remanufacture Policy (2018)

NERC supports the repair, reuse, and remanufacture of products as core activities in support of its mission and vision.  Repair, reuse, and remanufacturing result in product lifespan extension that benefits the environment, the local economy and workforce, saves energy, conserves natural resources, and creates greater access to essential products across the socioeconomic spectrum.

As global resources become more constrained, the repair, reuse, and remanufacture of products as they were originally designed and intended to be used should be fully supported.

As such NERC supports policies and programs that recognize:

  • Extending the lifespan of products through repair, reuse, or remanufacture reduces the amount of waste in need of disposal and decreases the use of natural resources and energy in the production of new products.
  • Convenient and affordable access to repair manuals, parts and parts information, schematics, diagnostic software, and tools are important for safe and responsible repair.
  • Information to safely and securely handle and reuse certain products enables owners, recyclers, repairers, and remanufacturers to extend the lifespan of products.

Adopted April 27, 2018