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Policy Positions

From time to time, the NERC Board of Directors adopts a policy position to guide the organization and to inform the recycling community. Over its lengthy history, this has happened relatively few times. As such, the policies that have been adopted represent not only the position of the organization, but highlight a topic of particular sensitivity and concern.

Green Event Policy

NERC uses the following environmentally preferable (green) criteria and practices for implementing its events and for the selection of hotels at which the events are held:

Food Waste Reduction Methods

  • Offer plated lunches instead of a buffet. (Many hotels will allow doggy bags from plated meals.)
  • Reduce the number of meals ordered by the percentage of known no-shows.

Waste Reduction Methods  

  • Minimize the number of event handouts to two—the event agenda and Advisory Membership list.
  • Select Hotel that:
    • Is able to use only reusable plates, cups, glasses, silverware, napkins, and tablecloths for NERC’s events.
    • Is willing to use items in bulk instead of single serve packages (i.e., creamers, sugar, jams, butter, etc.)
    • Implements a visible recycling program (at a minimum: paper & mixed containers) that includes bins in the sleeping and conference rooms.
    • Implements a food waste composting program. And for hotels that do not have a composting program, they are willing to allow NERC to bring in a composter to take the food waste (plate and kitchen waste) from our events.
    • Implements a linen and towel reuse program.